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Consumers have changed over the last 10 years. With leaping advancements in information technology, the emergence of e-commerce and the saturation of the marketplace, the range of choices is wider and more informed than it has been in the past. Today, the choice of which brand to purchase from is more affected by product reviews across various media, than simply by the features of the product as stated.

This makes the goodwill of customers an extremely important facet of business because these reviews will determine whether or not a customer base can be retained and built upon. Therefore, establishing and maintaining goodwill is of paramount importance.

Various factors contribute to a customer's perception. One is certainly the high quality of the goods and services provided, but an equally important facet is establishing a relationship with the customer post-sale. This is where excellent customer relations becomes an important asset for a business. The people who communicate with your customer become the voice of the brand post-sale, making it imperative that a positive impact is made to increase goodwill. To achieve this, one must employ insightful customer care solutions, which are based on the systematic analysis of customer behavior and their trends and reactions to a change in the product offering.



It is here, we as Business Process Partners play a crucial role by focusing purely on establishing and maintaining these important relationships between you and your customers. At 1POINT1 we have embraced the philosophy of relationships first in every aspect. We operate from a belief that it is relationships that build businesses because in a market scenario of low and easily shifting brand loyalty, a well-retained customer base is an integral foundation upon which a business can build itself.

This belief in relationships being the cornerstone of success can be seen within our own organisation. We understand that any business is only as good as the people that work for it, making our employees the most valuable asset we have. We work to ensure that every employee has a sense of comfort and security when they come to work for us, that the recompense for their effort goes beyond their expectations. We make them truly feel that they belong with us and that we value them as individuals.

This in turn allows them to better understand the value of relationships when dealing with your customers. They are also led by team leaders with enormous experience in customer relations across various industry segments, making them extremely capable in creating innovative customer care solutions. With this foundation of putting relationships first firmly in place, 1POINT1 can help you build lasting relationships with your customers, making us your partners in realizing your vision.