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    Anil Brahmaniya

    Vice President

    A post graduate degree holder in marketing from a reputed B school in the University of Delhi, Anil also brings in comprehensive six sigma understanding in the BPO domain. In the past, he has managed large National and Regional roles with cross-functional capability in Quality, Operations, Training, Migration, MIS, Admin, Pre-Sales and IT. Having worked with companies like Aegis Ltd, Serco and Orion Dialog he has large multi-domain & location experience, along with vast knowledge in Business Excellence consulting and IT solution designing.

    In his past avatars, he has been instrumental in improving performance in Quality, Agent C-SAT, Complaints percentage, Attrition, IVR Satisfaction, E-Sat and profitability. Over the years, he has developed a keen data driven approach with focus on process level improvement to control the variations at floor level. During his tenure at 1POINT1, the organization has seen considerable and consistent progress.

  •  Refund Processing

    Abhijeet Dutta

    Associate Vice President

    With over a decade at 1POINT1, Abhijeet has emerged as the people’s man of the organization. He has been an active part of the company and the management team while leading new initiatives throughout. He leads the Delhi center in the capacity of an AVP and his key responsibility is to drive operational excellence, improve processes and ensure client satisfaction.

    Abhijeet has managed sales, collections and customer service for domains like- E-commerce, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Consumer Durables, and Travel. Starting from 2000, his career at 1POINT1 has seen remarkable achievements- from winning his organization the Best Position trophy consecutively for 4 years, to consistently exceeding customer expectations as the Head of the BFSI segment.

    His move back to Delhi made his foray in customer service and collections where he single-handedly delivered optimum results with 1000 live seats. As he led Mumbai and North India before, Abhijeet will continue to lead the Delhi site from the front, and deliver exceptional results.